Strawberry flat Jammin’


la fresa

Oh the things you can do with a flat of strawberries.

It all started when my mom and I set up a date with the Strawberry Man on our way back from the beach.


Back in the day, I remember canning with my mom and grandma being loads of fun. I was a bit young and I’m pretty sure I just ate the fruit while they did the hard work. This Mothers day weekend my mom taught me how to can some jam. It was easier then I thought. I do recommend 2 people as it is a process. If your your a lonely canner, just prep your amounts before you start the nitty gritty.

Our first stop was the store where we loaded up on all the canning goods…  4 oz & 8 oz Kerr or Ball mason jars, pectin, preserving canner, canning utensils and such. You can find these items at Target, most Grocery stores, Lows, Amazon, I found the best the price to be at Wall-mart. If you have a food processor I recommend using it. That way your not smashing the fruit with a potato masher. If you don’t have one be prepared to smash the fruit with a potato masher.

Now that you have your Supplies your ready to start your first canning experience. I’m not an expert but I will give you my tips.

  1. Clean your Jars- boil the jars in water w/o the lids. Lay out a large towel to dry them on. Once dry prep them by flipping them over and lining them up so your ready to funnel in your Jam.
  2. Find your recipe- You can find it on line or on the pectin container. Your recipe is going to tell you what steps to take. I’m just here to give you tips.  If your recipe doesn’t call for butter during the simmer process I recommend you out a small 1/4 inch slice in your fruit. It helps keep the foam minimal. Oh and the Strawberry and basil Jam is the Jammy Jam!!
  3. Mash up or puree your fruit- I made more then the single batch. The less times I had to puree or mash the better. If you have left overs freeze it for smoothies!!! read the special note, you can only maximize it to a certain amount.
  4. Measure all your ingredients  before you start- If you step away from your boiling pot to measure your sugar you will burn your jammy jam.
  5. This is the best part. Listen closely for the tops to pop. That sound is the sound of success.

Health note: Unlike many store bought jelly it doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup.This Jam is great for all those little peanut butter and jelly lovers.

Let me know how it turns out. If you discover a great recipe please share in the comments section.

Like I said in my “in a nut shell page” try something new once a week.

Have fun Jamin’ friends.


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