10 reasons Mini Vans don’t get the credit they deserve

image(8)While on my work extravaganza we went ahead and rented a Mini Van.

I mean… Why not?!?!

Now I see why you may want to rock a mini van.

1. Hands free…They have 2 sliding doors and a back door that open with a push of a button on your key ring.

2. Half way to a convertible… The GIANT windows in back roll down.

3. Short bus capacity… they hold a large amount of people


4. Easy going… they drive like a car and have the size of an SUV.

5. Personal temperature… the air condition/heater works through out the car.

6. Dine in… Every seat has its own drink Holder.

7. Party bus status… Holds 50 balloons.


8. no horse and buggy needed… seats come out and you can fit the horse and buggy right in.

9. Tailgating perfection… back door adds as a awning.

10. It gets you where you need to go.

Drive on all you mini van drivers…Drive on!


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