Spit’n clean

On my journey in Colorado I learned a few tricks of the trade on how to shiny things up.

To start things off Grandma Gladys and her turquoise Jewelery came to visit. While we were just hanging in the condo my mom whipped up a pasty potion to shiny it up for her.

Silver meet baking soda…baking soda meet silver






  • Baking soda or baking powder
  • a soft bristled tooth brush to get the gunk out. Don’t get to hard of a bristle as it may scratch the silver
  • a little water
  • soft rag


  1. Pour water in a cup
  2. Layer baking powder or soda on a plate
  3. Dab your cloth into the water then dab a good size amount of baking soda to make it pasty on the cloth.
  4. Rub the silver with the cloth until its shiny
  5. If needed use the toothbrush to get into corners.
  6. After the shine has shown through rinse your silver with water and… walla!!!

Fact: Did you know… Perfumes, lotions or anything with a scent/oil/chemical can discolor your turquoise? Put these smelly body products on before you layer up your turquoise.

Banana peels and fancy shoes


After Grandma Gladys ate her banana she started rubbing the peel on Carl’s (her boyfriend) boot.

Ummmm…what are you doing grandma?!?!

I mean… who knew banana peels can shine your dirty boots.


  • 1 Banana
  • hungry tummy
  • Paper towel or soft cloth


  1. Peel your banana and eat with your hungry tummy
  2. Grab your shoe and rub the inside of the peel on the shoe
  3. Grab a paper towel or soft cloth and buff off the banana. There you have it… Shiny shoes

Emery Board vs Suede



  • Emery board
  • Sued with a stain


  1. Gently rub the emery board over the stain. It will clean it up and even it out. You should be good to go!



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