Lelo… A Darn Good Pal


September 2002- July 26, 2013

RIP Lelo

She was a traveler, a pooper, and a darn good pal.

Lelo was a Lasso-Apso boarder collie mix. Many said she looked like Falcor from the Never Ending Story, I on the other hand described her as an over sized shiatsu with a body of a barrel on 4 sticks . I got her when she was about a month old. The first few months were a bit difficult. I mean… with any puppy it usually is. She was never a chewer but she was a runner. If I didn’t put a leash on her she was gone in 60 seconds, not kidding. I spent many mornings before work, late of course, running around like a crazy lady looking for Lelo. She would chase cats, people, dogs, and her fav were bicycles and skateboards.


One of my favorite quirks of hers was when she would sit up on her bottom like a gofer and just hangout. I nicknamed her “Flat Bottom Girl”. She was a dreamer and she loved carrots. She would do fancy little tricks for them. Watching her rollover was a giggle of time due to her barrel and sticks framed body. Every time I changed my clothes she had to sniff them as if they had to pass a sniff test or something.


Lelo was a traveler. My job at the time relocated me several times. Lelo was my sidekick and at times my only friend in many places. Shes lived in Grand Junction Colorado, spent many nights couch surfing in Glenwood , moved on over to Boulder Colorado, and from there picked up and moved to Albuquerque New Mexico where she would take overnight trips with me to Farmington NM, Santa Fe NM, and El Paso Tx. Then one day I was offered a position in Las Vegas. No hesitations and We. Were. Off.  Viva Las Vegas!!!! Vegas is where her and my husband (boyfriend at the time) became pals. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight. After running through the parks in Las Vegas we then headed off to California. Even though California was our final destination she still went on vacations and camping trips with us. After a few years in California Lelo was introduced to Holden our son. For the first many weeks she was interested in what was squawking and moving around in the carriage but from day was very protective over him. Holden and her became good pals.




Falcor & Holden

As the years have passed she has grown old and her time has come.

Lelo, we hope there are a million bicycles and skateboarders for you to chase. You are loved and will be missed by many.

XOXO, Your Family

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