Broke as a Joke

Broke as a joke

I’m sure you’ve had one of those moments where you go from delirious, to raging bitch, back to delirious, then sobbing to your sigot with them looking at you like your crazy. As your going through this you are coming up with with everything you can to feel sorry for yourself. “I feel like a slob and need to exercise, I need to eat better, we have no money, my friends don’t call me, I hate my car, I’m tired of cleaning the house, blah blah blah.” Well I had one of those moments. I thought of everything I possibly could to make matters more dramatic. All though not all those things are true, its ridiculous how I get my brain to that point.

Anyways, I slowly, hints the emotional roller coaster, but quickly realized that we are broke as a joke. After a period of time of conversation with the sigot. I being a emotional wreck, he finally started to put things into perspective and understand why we are where we are and what we need to do to not be where we are. Out of that conversation came up with a 30 day challenge.

Challenge: No eating out for 30 days unless someone whats to pay our bill.

Sounds pretty easy right?! But if your anything like me after about a week of cooking every night there’s a point where I’m ready for someone else to do it. During this challenge Lee and I will have to take turns to keep me sane.

As we venture through this challenge I will leave behind tricks I have learned along the way to save money and post some recipes that are totally worth posting.

On a side note I will be finding other ways we can cut back. Here’s a few we already committed to. Its small but might have a big impact in the long run.

  • We are not buying paper towels all month. This ones is going to be hard on the Hubs as he uses, i swear 10 a day.
  • Lee’s committed to riding his bike to work at least 3 times a week
  • No shopping for clothes. That’s really hard for me since after all I love clothes and I work retail. hummm, maybe if I blog about clothes it will satisfy my need to shop.
  • Go grocery shopping to support my menu for the week vs shopping to get everything I see.

Its a start, who knows by the end of this we might get rid of monthly subscriptions, what no cable?! or even a car.

If your in the same boat or have already been there please comment and leave some ideas that worked for you.

Happy savings friends.

10 thoughts on “Broke as a Joke

  1. Yes, we hit the “budget” portion of our marriage and have cut way back. We have three littles so it’s hard every month someone needs something…first grader needed new backpack and supplies, pre-k (little bro) wanted one too…baby is ready for carseat upgrade etc. SOMETHING every month. We have learned to embrace bulk sams club shopping get a bit more bang for our buck. We eat lunch at home everyday with our trusty gfree sams lunch meet and salads..I crockpot extra for some hot lunches too. BEANS BEANS BEANS are a budgets best friend and sams club fav buy. I make a pot of them weekly with yummy applewood bacon kids love them and the leftovers go mad with my tacos. We do family freegin weekends where we challenge ourselves to not spend a dime….eat whatevers in the cabinets (some interesting options have become new fans) and go to the local library for a dvd for family movie night.

  2. Forgot we ditched cable and went to ROKU kids LOVE LOVE it…..and since we have amazon prime we don’t pay any extra right now (Netflix and Hulu will run you $20) since theres a ton of movies and shows plus all the kid shows and PBS kids it’s been perfect for our family. It was a one time fee of $99 for the unit and 5% cheaper if you use Target red card I might add and that’s IT…bye bye cable bill

  3. I’m goin to try and do this with you! Well the not eating out part 🙂 I found that cooking my lunch at the same time as dinner that night makes it super easy in the morning. And the crock pot thing is prime time. Put a roast in there in the morning before you leave and by the time you come home it’s already ready! Plus your house smells delicious. Good luck!

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