Broke as a joke 2 weeks in


Hello all, Its 2 weeks in and I’m back to give you an update on what I have learned, accomplished, and enjoyed about my Broke as a Joke challenge.

First off I need a minute to vent and be honest. Working full time, being a mom and wife and doing this challenge is hard as shit. I’m tired of doing dishes ALL THE TIME! I spend all my time in the kitchen if I’m not at work. If I’m not at work or in the kitchen I’m at the market. Now that I got that off my chest I can say that all of that doesn’t matter because what I have gained from the experience has been truly rewarding.

I learned about our weaknesses that drive us to eat out. When Lee or myself are out of town its an excuse to go get food with Holden since the whole family isn’t at home to cook. After cooking 6 nights straight in a row the 7th night we are over it and want to eat out. Not planning out the week and getting the food needed from the market, we’d rather go out to eat rather then run to the market. When we get home from work at 8:00 pm the last thing we want to do is cook so lets order take out.  NO NO NO!!! Is what I said to all those little voices telling me to go out. We conquered each one of those weaknesses and continue to do so.

I also learned that even if whats on the menu doesn’t sound good and you’d rather go get a taco, that if you force yourself to make it and eat it you wont regret it like you will the taco. I learned new techniques with cooking and even used more of my cooking utensils and machines that have been stashed away. I learned that a day trip can be inexpensive when you pack your lunch and snacks. The most important thing I learned is that I do have will power. Who new!

Having to cook every day has been draining but I started to figure out ways to stay motivated. Finding easy recipes was the first start. I planed out our meals for the week. I even bought the Weelicious cookbook to give me options for the little. BTW great cookbook. When I planned out the meals I was conscious of what left overs I could use for other meals. Click here for some of the recipes I made from leftovers or random ingredients laying around. The Crock pot, you will be my best friend over the next couple of weeks.

If there’s anything that keeps a mother motivated its getting your little to cook with you. Every chance I could I would get Holden involved with the cooking. Not only was it fun for him it was fun for me to see him help and learn. This is defiantly one of my fav moments with my boy. Oh and because he helped with the cooking he was more likely to eat the food. We all know what its like to get a 4 year old to eat.

I wont know if we have saved money till the end of the month. If we didn’t I’m not to concerned because I gained a great experience from it.

To be Continued…

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