Shamu and a special little girl


Brixton and her mom

The fam and I took off  to San Diego this month for a very special little girl, Brixton Mary. Brixton was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer PPB Plueropulmanary Blastoma at 6 months old. She is now 21 months, has only 1 month of chemo left and on her way to being healthy. As some of you may or may not know its a long process and it wont be over till shes 7. The family and I did a walk for her through Sea World to help raise money for the Rady’ Children’s Hospital in San Diego where she gets her treatments. If you want to donate please click here. Every little bit counts.

Other ways to give back to Brixton is to purchase one of the “Brixton” bracelets made by Queen Jewelery Design for $20. $5 will be donated to the Hospital for every Bracelet sold. Email your order and PayPal email to to order your bracelet.


Brixton is the strongest little girl I know and will never give up.

Pssst…Check out our mini San Diego Vay-cay.

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