Not Pho Sho


This weekend the fam got spontanious and tried our first Pho restaurant. In fact it was our first time trying Pho. When I saw the menu that looked like scribbles (Vietnamese) to me with non descriptive descriptions, people slurping noodles and gnawing large pieces of meat, and the waiter telling us the tripe dish was the best I immediately thought… its not to late to walk out. Then I had a bad feeling in my stomach which I’m sure fucked with my brain making it think everything had a funky taste. Anyways, I still tried it and to be quite honest I’m pretty sure you will never see me eating Pho again unless I hire a professional Pho eater who is friends with my tastebuds and can order my food for me. On a good note, we tried something new, the little enjoyed the broth and the hubs enjoyed my dish.

Im always looking for new foods and restaurants to chow down at so leave me a comment on where or what we should try next!

This restaurant has already been recommended. Not really my style but might float someone else’s boat.

Happy taste testing my friends.

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