Itty Bitty Christmas List


Holy crap… before Halloween even ended stores were setting up Christmas stuff as if Santa moved Christmas up a month.


If you’re anything like me you are currently thinking your kid has way to many toys and the last thing you should do is play Santa and bring more toys into the house.


 You think about Christmas and wonder why it has become a day of getting whatever you want and way to much of it vs. what its really about. I know, I sound like an old person but for real, its getting out. of. con-trol!

This year we decided to do the itty bitty Christmas list. I think its important that the kiddo still gets a few gifts for Christmas, I mean… Santa has to leave something behind doesn’t he, but I don’t want it to become this cray ordeal where he gets whatever he wants and expects it every year.

Grandparents, spoil him howev, we are sticking to our guns “you’ll shoot your eye out”.

I want to thank a close friend of mine who has many kids who gave me this idea.

Its simple || 4 gifts.

Something they want
Something they need
Something they can read
Something they can wear

I’m even thinking that me and the hubs should test this for each other while we are at it.

Merry Christmas after Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

My Christmas List Part Uno.

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