Inspirations of 2013

Before I head out for the night and get to drunk to remember, eat more food then my stomach can handle and celebrate 2013 I would like to look back on a few people who have been an inspiration to me this year.

Now, Let me clarify… All of my friends have inspired me through pictures, conversations, comments, and stories but there are a few that really stood out.

The Harrison Family

Shannon, a loving wife, mom, friend, and a great human being who has always been my inspiration to be a great mom and have fun doing it. Shannon taught herself photography and started her own gig while raising 3 adorb littles while her husband Chris works full time being my boss.

Shannon, thanks for being you. You inspire me to teach myself new things and remind me that if you can do it with 3 kids I can do it with 1. Don’t stop doing photography and post more pics of your kids. xoxo

Chris, a loving dad, husband and the best boss I have ever had. What makes Chris great?!?! he’s real with me, challenges me, and can relate to me personally and professionally. Chris has empowered me through my career and seen me succeed to a promotion I received this year.

Chris, don’t stop being you and keep telling your stories. Thanks for Everything

Krista Graham

She is one of my favorite friends. Although we don’t hang out a lot, or girl talk over the phone I enjoy the small times that we do spend together more then ever. Krista is a free spirited woman who will fly to any part of the world at the drop of a hat. She is not afraid to take risks and she always finds a way to do whatever she wants whenever she want and remain successful.

Krista, You have inspired me to be more spontaneous and travel more. I cant wait till we take a trip together.xoxo

Austin Tx.  NY, NY. here I come!!!

Amber Lewis

Ohhhh AMBAAAA, we have only known each other for a year or so but damn… a lot went on during this year. Amber is a mama of a beautiful little lady, she’s married to a British man, and is an awesome interior designer that started her own business from the ground up. You might know her as Amber Interiors. Amber has introduced me to new things like TV shows, drinking beergaritas, and any social media one may need to know to survive in this world. Knowing her and hearing her story has inspired me to start up my own little gig. Im not really sure what that will be yet but one day Ill figure it out. My favorite thing about Amber is she don’t give a F@!*about what other people think.

Amber, thanks for your fun corky personality and making life exciting. One day I inspire to be in boots similar to yours. xoxo

Ashly & Kyle Collins

OK where do I begin. Their story is amazing.

Ashly a loving mama married to Kyle a loving daddy who have been battling their daughter’s cancer all year long. Just this December they have been relieved of this nasty demon and are onto bigger and better things. Ashly and Kyle are two of the hardest working and passionate individuals I know. They have tought me that when times get tough you just have to keep on keeping on. They never once gave up or looked back.

Ashly & Kyle, I admire your strength through this year. You have inspired me to look at life differently and understand that theres no mountain high enough to get in the way. Thank you for all you do and for producing one of the sweetest, strongest little ladies I know. xoxo

Everyone, have a safe and fun New Year and let 2014 be the best year for you!


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