Year 34… its not an exciting year like 21, 30, or 50. In fact I don’t think anyone really cares about the year 34. All I know is, 34 means I am getting one year older and and my husband is frolicking around at the fact that for the next 13 days I am 2 years older then him. WHAT-EV!

Anyways, I guess if I cant change the fact that I am getting a year older, I can at least try to make myself feel younger.


AHHHHHHHHH, No No No not like this!

Im ready to try some new things out for my 34th year of being alive.

I want to do yoga. The only yoga I have done was from the book “Yoga for dummies” which lasted me about 2 days and I never looked back. It’s hard for me to workout at home, Im like a kid with ADD who just saw a butterfly while you’re trying to have a conversation with him.

Pilates too, I have always wanted to take the class but my wallet wont let me, maybe I can skip buying the shoes and take a class. Ummmm, probably not going to happen. Maybe I’ll skip a few meals instead.

Schedule mommy recovery weekends, yeah… that sounds like a good plan, who’s with me???

Learn another language, I read that you live longer if your bilengual.

Do a better job at remembering birthdays, that way I can see others growing a year older too. HA, HA

OK, OK, what I think is important here is that I want this year to be exciting whether its taking care of myself or spending quality time with the family.

Im putting this in writing so that I have a higher chance of actually doing it. Yes, I am referencing  “The Secret”

Here it is year 34, this is what I need to accomplish.

Take care of myself “ME TIME”

Do more adventures with my family

Do more adventures with my friends

Spend my time and energy on what matters


Add to my family!

Happy Birthday to me, and anyone of you who’s having one this year 😉

 “Get busy living or get busy dying”

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