My thoughts

On the 80’s!!!!!!

Alright, alright, alright, you’re probably wondering how I got on this topic.

I mean….don’t you dream about the 80’s on a regular basis just hoping one day you can jump in a time machine and take your bad to the bone self back?!?!?!

Well, I do!

You can’t tell me right now that you aren’t thinking about that picture you have of yourself in the 80’s looking all radical with your one strap down overalls tucked into those bright ass high tops wearing totally rad Ray Bans while listening to INXS.

In fact you probably have a gnarly ass grin on your face just thinking about it.

I was an 80’s child and for what I can remember the 80″s were rad.

PicFrame copy

Anyways my thoughts started when I was wondering if they still make the mood changing lipstick, and what-ya know, they do.

In Fact… look at what my research discovered.

Crystal Pepsi- Yep selling 1 full can on Ebay for for $50! WHAT! Oh and wait a minute…Diet is only $15.

Garbage Pail kids Dang they are still releasing them. Crazy

Polaroid… dont mind if I do.

Light Bright If you want vintage or upgrade here.

Simon Says Its back…… Atari? Atari Flashback is now available.

Lip Lickers Lip Balm the Tubes are still around  but the tins are not easy to find.

Jelly Shoes, they are back on the market but they’re not as cool as they used to be.

Members only Jacket? of course they would have their own web sight.

Reebok High tops

Clear Cassette Tapes Like these ones here

Candy Lipstick & Candy Cigarettes found at the most amazing candy store.

Silly Putty Crayola is keeping it alive!

Magic 8 Balls are still around and ready to answer the Question of all time… “Do I have a chance?”

Tang, enough said.

Jello Pudding Pops, looks like they are no more but you can make them here.

80’s Slang

And of course I have to mention my favorite movies of the 80’s I mean of all time.

Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Goonies, Top Gun, and Pretty in Pink

Oh, oh, oh AND…

My lady crush


“Just say no”-Nancy Reagan

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