Last night while laying restlessly in bed a conversation between a friend of mine and I ran through my thoughts. It was about boxes. He made a claim that he is always in a “box”. If you think about it you are too. Your house is a “box”, your car is a “box”, your office is a “box”, your bathroom is a “box” inside of a “box”, your shower is a “box” inside of a “box” inside of a “box”. You see where he was going with this? Because of this random conversation that made its way back into my head late lastnight I began to think about my day yesterday. I realized I was in lines all day.

gas station line

coffee shop line

stop light line

freeway entrance line

the traffic lines on every freeway in California

parking garage line

escalator line

tram line

the rides at Disneyland line, line, line, after line

the market register line

and the IN N OUT drive thru line.

I aint line’n when I say this but we wait in lines all the time. Maybe its time for me to move to Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa and maybe I won’t have to wait in lines.

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