Darth’s Birthday

Holy Moly!!!!

It has been a really long time since I have sat my butt down and posted some shizzz. In fact it has been so long that I have forgotten how to use this dang sight. SHEEEESH! I can explain… well maybe Im just going to give a lot of excuses and pretend that its a legit explanation. Actually you know what?!?! I’m going to save my words and focus on why I’m back.

Life has been craze balls over the past few months and my priority hasn’t been this blog, no offense my friends I just have a lot of shit happening as many of us do. Over the last few weeks I started to think about WHY I started this little here blog and how it made me feel. I enjoy it a lot, sure it takes time out of my day to write a post or build a picture but every time I did it meant I was either trying something new or I was sharing things with you and that makes me Happy.

Im back and ready to jump on the HOT TAMALE TRAIN!!..CHOO CHOO!!!

Darth’s Birthday

Today was my Sons 5th birthday. It is such a great feeling to watch your children grow but dang how come no one prepared me with the fact that its harder then hell to see them grow. One day they need you and the next they don’t. They want you to tuck them in and then they are tucking themselves in. They loved watching you dance and be silly and now they ask you to quit because you are embarrassing them. All though it is hard I am so proud of my little man and who he has become.  Im sure many of you can relate so my advice is to keep on looking forward to the surprises that the littles bring and embrace every living moment you have with them.






Today I had an interesting conversation with my boss.  Long story short it was about the life.

When your young you are curious, gutsy, and naive. The only thing that bothers you is the kid at school, mom and dad saying “no”, or trying to get your toys to do what you say.

As you get older, late teens early 20’s, you start to understand the importance of growing up. School becomes more of a focus rather then a hang out, you get a job because you need to pay for school, and family becomes more interesting to you. You start to break out of the naive phase yet you still have a ways to go. You might learn what it means to be heart broken. You’re starting to get a good idea of who you are and the person you want to be.

Now you’ve grown a bit, you start your own family, your career is taking off, and maybe your in the market for a new home. Siblings, are either doing the same or are still in the naive phase. Your father goes through a midlife crises and comes home with a new car.

At this point family is at the top of your list, you become an uncle/aunt, your little sister/brother is getting married, you start to see yourself aging, your not as fearless and gutsy as you used to be, it takes more energy to be physical move around and you find yourself going through a mid life crises.

As you grow you continue to feel happiness, receive love, maintain your health, wealth, then be introduced to sickness and death.

Life, at times it will be a blast and others it won’t. AT times you will cry with Joy and others you will just cry. You may not know what to do or feel, and sometimes you just won’t know what to say. There are things that are out of our control. If you think positive thoughts and embrace the wonderful things you had going for you then, now, and whats to come you will make life what it is.

My point: Life is what you make of it.

RIP Aunt Margie, you will always hold a place in my heart.


My thoughts

On the 80’s!!!!!!

Alright, alright, alright, you’re probably wondering how I got on this topic.

I mean….don’t you dream about the 80’s on a regular basis just hoping one day you can jump in a time machine and take your bad to the bone self back?!?!?!

Well, I do!

You can’t tell me right now that you aren’t thinking about that picture you have of yourself in the 80’s looking all radical with your one strap down overalls tucked into those bright ass high tops wearing totally rad Ray Bans while listening to INXS.

In fact you probably have a gnarly ass grin on your face just thinking about it.

I was an 80’s child and for what I can remember the 80″s were rad.

PicFrame copy

Anyways my thoughts started when I was wondering if they still make the mood changing lipstick, and what-ya know, they do.

In Fact… look at what my research discovered.

Crystal Pepsi- Yep selling 1 full can on Ebay for for $50! WHAT! Oh and wait a minute…Diet is only $15.

Garbage Pail kids Dang they are still releasing them. Crazy

Polaroid… dont mind if I do.

Light Bright If you want vintage or upgrade here.

Simon Says Its back…… Atari? Atari Flashback is now available.

Lip Lickers Lip Balm the Tubes are still around  but the tins are not easy to find.

Jelly Shoes, they are back on the market but they’re not as cool as they used to be.

Members only Jacket? of course they would have their own web sight.

Reebok High tops

Clear Cassette Tapes Like these ones here

Candy Lipstick & Candy Cigarettes found at the most amazing candy store.

Silly Putty Crayola is keeping it alive!

Magic 8 Balls are still around and ready to answer the Question of all time… “Do I have a chance?”

Tang, enough said.

Jello Pudding Pops, looks like they are no more but you can make them here.

80’s Slang

And of course I have to mention my favorite movies of the 80’s I mean of all time.

Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Goonies, Top Gun, and Pretty in Pink

Oh, oh, oh AND…

My lady crush


“Just say no”-Nancy Reagan

Eff it

I just said Eff it and I did it.

You only live one life, well…. I think you do, I guess it depends on who your talking to, anyways, why should that life have the same day in and day out routine, or why should you always dress with one style, or why should your hair always look the same?!?!

You only live once! Get out there and be adventurous, don’t put on a front, be who YOU want to be, do what YOU want to do, go where YOU want to go, Eff it and just do it.

I did…

photo 1-4


photo 2-4


Get busy living or get busy dying!!

Thanks Nikki for the makeover, you always do a great job mama, XOXO!!

I am who I am

This last weekend I had the opportunity to meet Lee’s 80 year old aunt which by the way is a hoot. She filled up her glass with a nice white wine and began with the questions.

Where are you from? how long have you been married? what do you do????

Anyways, we continue to drink and she continues to ask. Im not sure how this happened but my husband mentions the fact that I was baptized in a horse trough at a prison camp, true story. Usually when people hear that they response with…”no way”, “you serious” or they laugh as if I’m joking. Barb responded differently, she simply said with an East Coast accent, tilt of her head and a shrug of the shoulder, “you are who you are”.  I loved her response and I embraced it.

Let me tell you more about who I am.

  • I was born in Colorado and raised on farm/ranch depending where you’re from.
  • I was a clogger for 10 years.
  • I showed Llamas in 4H.
  • I was the fashonista in my middle school.
  • I started Snowboarding at 13 years old.
  • I didn’t have a swimming pool growing up so I swam in horse troughs.
  • I grew up wearing cowboy “girl” boots.
  • I helped my grandma drive the tractor.
  • My first big responsibility was a double wide trailer.
  • I drove an orange chevy caviler that was to fast to furious, it contributed to my nick name “orange crush”.
  • I dated boys based off of their cars.
  • I went to jail… no need to discuss why.
  • I have a successful carrer 12 years and counting.
  • I’m married and have a son.
  • I own my own home.
  • I live in California.
  • AND I have loved and love every bit of my life.

My point to this is “I am who I am”.

Embrace who you are!

Tell me about you.


Year 34… its not an exciting year like 21, 30, or 50. In fact I don’t think anyone really cares about the year 34. All I know is, 34 means I am getting one year older and and my husband is frolicking around at the fact that for the next 13 days I am 2 years older then him. WHAT-EV!

Anyways, I guess if I cant change the fact that I am getting a year older, I can at least try to make myself feel younger.


AHHHHHHHHH, No No No not like this!

Im ready to try some new things out for my 34th year of being alive.

I want to do yoga. The only yoga I have done was from the book “Yoga for dummies” which lasted me about 2 days and I never looked back. It’s hard for me to workout at home, Im like a kid with ADD who just saw a butterfly while you’re trying to have a conversation with him.

Pilates too, I have always wanted to take the class but my wallet wont let me, maybe I can skip buying the shoes and take a class. Ummmm, probably not going to happen. Maybe I’ll skip a few meals instead.

Schedule mommy recovery weekends, yeah… that sounds like a good plan, who’s with me???

Learn another language, I read that you live longer if your bilengual.

Do a better job at remembering birthdays, that way I can see others growing a year older too. HA, HA

OK, OK, what I think is important here is that I want this year to be exciting whether its taking care of myself or spending quality time with the family.

Im putting this in writing so that I have a higher chance of actually doing it. Yes, I am referencing  “The Secret”

Here it is year 34, this is what I need to accomplish.

Take care of myself “ME TIME”

Do more adventures with my family

Do more adventures with my friends

Spend my time and energy on what matters


Add to my family!

Happy Birthday to me, and anyone of you who’s having one this year 😉

 “Get busy living or get busy dying”

Inspirations of 2013

Before I head out for the night and get to drunk to remember, eat more food then my stomach can handle and celebrate 2013 I would like to look back on a few people who have been an inspiration to me this year.

Now, Let me clarify… All of my friends have inspired me through pictures, conversations, comments, and stories but there are a few that really stood out.

The Harrison Family

Shannon, a loving wife, mom, friend, and a great human being who has always been my inspiration to be a great mom and have fun doing it. Shannon taught herself photography and started her own gig while raising 3 adorb littles while her husband Chris works full time being my boss.

Shannon, thanks for being you. You inspire me to teach myself new things and remind me that if you can do it with 3 kids I can do it with 1. Don’t stop doing photography and post more pics of your kids. xoxo

Chris, a loving dad, husband and the best boss I have ever had. What makes Chris great?!?! he’s real with me, challenges me, and can relate to me personally and professionally. Chris has empowered me through my career and seen me succeed to a promotion I received this year.

Chris, don’t stop being you and keep telling your stories. Thanks for Everything

Krista Graham

She is one of my favorite friends. Although we don’t hang out a lot, or girl talk over the phone I enjoy the small times that we do spend together more then ever. Krista is a free spirited woman who will fly to any part of the world at the drop of a hat. She is not afraid to take risks and she always finds a way to do whatever she wants whenever she want and remain successful.

Krista, You have inspired me to be more spontaneous and travel more. I cant wait till we take a trip together.xoxo

Austin Tx.  NY, NY. here I come!!!

Amber Lewis

Ohhhh AMBAAAA, we have only known each other for a year or so but damn… a lot went on during this year. Amber is a mama of a beautiful little lady, she’s married to a British man, and is an awesome interior designer that started her own business from the ground up. You might know her as Amber Interiors. Amber has introduced me to new things like TV shows, drinking beergaritas, and any social media one may need to know to survive in this world. Knowing her and hearing her story has inspired me to start up my own little gig. Im not really sure what that will be yet but one day Ill figure it out. My favorite thing about Amber is she don’t give a F@!*about what other people think.

Amber, thanks for your fun corky personality and making life exciting. One day I inspire to be in boots similar to yours. xoxo

Ashly & Kyle Collins

OK where do I begin. Their story is amazing.

Ashly a loving mama married to Kyle a loving daddy who have been battling their daughter’s cancer all year long. Just this December they have been relieved of this nasty demon and are onto bigger and better things. Ashly and Kyle are two of the hardest working and passionate individuals I know. They have tought me that when times get tough you just have to keep on keeping on. They never once gave up or looked back.

Ashly & Kyle, I admire your strength through this year. You have inspired me to look at life differently and understand that theres no mountain high enough to get in the way. Thank you for all you do and for producing one of the sweetest, strongest little ladies I know. xoxo

Everyone, have a safe and fun New Year and let 2014 be the best year for you!


Sunday Funday


drank 2 glasses of wine and I’m feeling fine.

its holiday season in my industry and its time to unwind.

tonight is movie and special popcorn night. you want some? go ahead and cook some up.

  • 3 Tbls of oil
  • 1/3 cup Popcorn kernels
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • drizzel of honey
  1. heat your oil in a deep pot on med-high.
  2. place 1 keranl in the pot, when it pops your oil is ready.
  3. add your kernels to the pot and cover. shake every 10 seconds. when your kernels slowdown popping, turn the heat off.
  4. sprinkle a desired amount of cinnamon onto the popcorn and mix.
  5. dump 1/2 of the pop corn into a bowl, drizzle desired amount of honey onto the popcorn and mix. dump remaining pop corn into bowl and drizzle desired amount of honey onto remaining pop
  6. corn and mix.

and there you have it. SUNDAY FUNDAY’S special pop corn.