Darth’s Birthday

Holy Moly!!!!

It has been a really long time since I have sat my butt down and posted some shizzz. In fact it has been so long that I have forgotten how to use this dang sight. SHEEEESH! I can explain… well maybe Im just going to give a lot of excuses and pretend that its a legit explanation. Actually you know what?!?! I’m going to save my words and focus on why I’m back.

Life has been craze balls over the past few months and my priority hasn’t been this blog, no offense my friends I just have a lot of shit happening as many of us do. Over the last few weeks I started to think about WHY I started this little here blog and how it made me feel. I enjoy it a lot, sure it takes time out of my day to write a post or build a picture but every time I did it meant I was either trying something new or I was sharing things with you and that makes me Happy.

Im back and ready to jump on the HOT TAMALE TRAIN!!..CHOO CHOO!!!

Darth’s Birthday

Today was my Sons 5th birthday. It is such a great feeling to watch your children grow but dang how come no one prepared me with the fact that its harder then hell to see them grow. One day they need you and the next they don’t. They want you to tuck them in and then they are tucking themselves in. They loved watching you dance and be silly and now they ask you to quit because you are embarrassing them. All though it is hard I am so proud of my little man and who he has become.  Im sure many of you can relate so my advice is to keep on looking forward to the surprises that the littles bring and embrace every living moment you have with them.